On-Programme Apprentices

Tyne North Training support apprentices in the Engineering and Business Administration sectors and currently manage around 450 apprentices, working in approximately 150 different employers. Once the apprenticeship has started we have a dedicated team of Training Officers who are there to provide support, advice and guidance for both apprentices and employers, ensuring the apprenticeship runs smoothly.


The Training Officers are supported by a management and administration team with many years experience who can quickly resolve any issues or problems that may arise throughout the apprenticeship.

All our Training Officers have extensive sector experience both in apprenticeship delivery and within the Engineering and Business Administration sectors


During your engineering apprenticeship:


An Engineering apprenticeship will normally take between 3 ½ and 4 years to complete. If you have already achieved some engineering qualifications before the start of the apprenticeship then you will probably find that your apprenticeship will be shortened to account for this.


Typically, most Engineering apprenticeships start with a period of practical training in college. Here you will learn basic engineering skills enabling you to work within your employer’s premises. During this time at college you will have regular support from your college tutors and your designated Training Officer. This initial period will last between 15 and 36 weeks depending on the number of different engineering skills that you need to learn.


Once you have completed this period of initial practical training you will commence your training within your employer. During this time you will receive support from your employer mentor and you will be visited regularly by your Training Officer who will be setting you learning tasks and assessing your progress.


Working with your employer, you may still be required to return to college for further academic study. This will consist of a classroom based Technical Certificate at a level equivalent to A levels, normally studied for one day per week. Depending on the type of apprenticeship this further academic study may take between one and three years.


In the final year of your apprenticeship, your Training Officer will be visiting you to conduct their final assessments of your skills and abilities. If you are on an Apprenticeship Standard they will also be working with you to ensure that you are fully prepared for your End Point Assessment. All of this activity is designed to ensure that you are deemed fully competent to do your role within your employer by the end of the apprenticeship.

After your apprenticeship


96% of Tyne North Training engineering apprentices continue to work in the same or similar role within Engineering upon completion of their apprenticeship. Check out our news section to see how real Tyne North Training apprentices have progressed their careers.


Many Tyne North Training employers support their apprentices through higher level qualifications such as HNC/HND. These are often commenced during the final year of the apprenticeship


Here at Tyne North Training we are proud of the achievements of our apprentices and our association with some of the leading employers in the North East.


In this section you can read about the exciting things our apprentices have been doing and the progress that they have been making in their chosen careers.

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Business Administration

During your business administration apprenticeship:


A Business Administration apprenticeship normally takes between 12 and 18 months to complete.


During your Business Administration apprenticeship, you will typically be spending 100% of your time within the company. The only exception to this would generally be if you needed to attend Tyne North Training to complete a function skill qualification in either English, Maths or ICT.


You will be regularly visited by your Training Officer from Tyne North Training. They will set you learning tasks and give you feedback on the work that you’ve already completed. They will also support you in making sure that you receive the training you need within the company.


In the later stages of your apprenticeship, your Training Officer will ensure that you have produced a portfolio of evidence to prove that you are competent in your job role. If you are undertaking an Apprenticeship Standard then they will also be making sure that you are fully prepared for your End Point Assessment.

After your apprenticeship


95% of Tyne North Training Business Administration apprentices continue to work for the same company or a similar role within Business Administration upon completion of their apprenticeship. Check out our news section to see how real Tyne North Training apprentices have progressed their careers.


Many Tyne North Training level 2 apprentices progress on to a level 3 apprenticeship upon completion of their level 2. Those apprentices who have completed a level 3 apprenticeship are ready to start on higher-level professional qualifications in a variety of business fields.

Business Administration Apprentice talking to a Tyne North training officer

Useful Information

What to do if you’re ill and cannot attend your employer or college?


  • If you are expected at work then you must contact your company as any regular employee usually would, prior to your normal starting time. We would not normally need to know.


  • If you are expected to attend college then you would need to let your employer, the college and Tyne North Training know prior to your start time. Tyne Metropolitan’s contact phone number is: 0191 229 5000

College Dates



  • Remember, if the college is closed for a holiday then you would ordinarily be expected to attend your employer’s workplace. You should contact them if you are at all unsure as to what to do



  • Tyne North Training has a statutory and contractual duty to ensure there are no issues affecting you progressing your learning and that you are in an environment where you feel safe and supported. If you have any concerns about any of this then either raise these concerns with your Training Officer or speak to one of Tyne North Training’s designated Safeguarding Officers on 0191 262 6860.

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