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North East Apprenticeship FAQ: What you need to know

FAQs: Everything an apprentice needs to know


We get asked many questions here at Tyne North Training whether it be from school leavers, their parents or the employers that we work with to deliver our apprenticeship programmes. 

Recruiting for around 150 regional employers, we currently project manage around 450 Business Administration and Engineering apprenticeships in the North East of England and we pride ourselves on the level of support that we provide.

Whether you are preparing to finish your last year of school, you are studying A Levels but want to enter the world of work and begin to earn or you are currently on a different apprenticeship programme and regretting your decision – we can help you shape a brighter future with our programmes available at Tyne North Training. 

Here is everything that an apprentice needs to know about an apprenticeship with Tyne North Training… 

You ask, we answer:


What exactly is an apprenticeship?


If you are starting your search from scratch and not exactly sure what makes up an apprenticeship then not to worry. 


An apprenticeship is a job with on-going training. You will complete a mixture of academic study and workplace training while fulfilling your job role within your employer. It is the perfect opportunity for those preparing to leave school after Year 11 and looking to enter straight into the world of work. 


What areas can I apply for?


Tyne North Training deliver apprenticeships in Engineering and Business Administration. In each of these areas there are a number of different disciplines and roles in which it is possible to complete an apprenticeship.


Within Business Administration, Tyne North Training deliver apprenticeships to individuals in a variety of business functions such as:


  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Secretarial
  • Procurement
  • Office Administration
  • Sales
  • Customer Services


In the Engineering sector, we deliver apprenticeships in disciplines including:


  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication and Welding
  • Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Engineering Technical Support


If you are interested in an apprenticeship within a particular discipline then you can apply directly to Tyne North Training for an Engineering or Business Administration apprenticeship and we will discuss your interests and requirements further at the interview stage.


What are the entry requirements for a Tyne North Training apprenticeship?


Many young learners make the assumption that you need to attend 6th form or college while doing your apprenticeship, however you do not. Your apprenticeship programme contains on-going training while on the job, therefore you can join an apprenticeship at any time once you have turned 16 and completed your GCSE’s. All we ask is that you have or expect a Grade 4 in Maths and English. 


How much will I be paid? 


As an apprentice, you are an employee and at a minimum you will receive the apprenticeship minimum wage for your age bracket. The minimum that your employer must pay you is dependent upon your age. Details of the current rates can be found Gov UK


*It is important to note that not all apprenticeship employers pay the minimum wage, however some may pay considerably more. 


How am I supported during my apprenticeship?


With Tyne North Training you will be assigned a workplace mentor who will support you throughout your employment and ensure that you have access to the specific training and the right exposure to a range of job tasks that will ensure you can progress to the best of your ability. 


You will also be assigned a Training Officer who will regularly visit you to assess and monitor your progress and development. It is their job to liaise with your workplace mentor to identify your training requirements and ensure that you are getting the right level of support needed. 


What will I receive at the end of my apprenticeship? 


Once you have completed your apprenticeship you will receive your certificate, which is your legal proof that you have completed your programme in a particular discipline. Depending on the apprenticeship you may also complete various qualifications (such as BTECs, City & Guilds and NVQs) which on completion may make you eligible for the membership of a relevant professional body. 


What happens when my apprenticeship has finished?


Combining your professional qualifications and the skills you have developed and shaped over the course of your programme, at this penultimate stage you will have completed the first step in your career. Here at Tyne North Training we have excellent retention rates with many of our apprentices being kept on by their employer at the end of their programme and with a fantastic 97% of our apprentices finding their apprenticeship ideal in helping them start their chosen career on the right foot. 


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