Recruitment for engineering apprenticeships is currently closed. It will reopen in January 2022.

Employers are vital to us at Tyne North Training

We can help your business ensure staff acquire the skills and qualifications needed for the future. The dedicated team at Tyne North Training will guide and support you through the steps to ultimately achieve a successful apprenticeship programme.


This starts with identifying the most appropriate apprenticeship for your requirements and selecting the best apprentice candidate.


How To Recruit An Apprentice

Contact our Business Development Manager by giving us a call or via email, from this we will arrange for one of our business development staff to come out for an initial discussion. A follow-up visit would be arranged with a discipline-specific Training Officer to have an in-depth discussion about your requirements and complete a skills scan on the apprenticeship role.


Tyne North Training will arrange for the position to be advertised and we will test and screen potential candidates against your precise requirements and only send the details of those who are suitable. You will have the decision on who to interview and appoint for the role.

Why choose Tyne North Training?

You will get support from Training Officers throughout the duration of the apprenticeship and only employ Training Officers who are sector specialists so all apprentices are supported by Training Officers who have first-hand experience of their role. As well as this all engineering Training Officers and some of the senior leadership team are former time-served apprentices.


In Engineering, we support Machining, Fabrication and Welding, Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance and Engineering Technical Support. Support a wide variety of Business Administration functions such as HR, Marketing, Procurement and Customer Services, and support Manufacturing roles in a wide variety of production environments.

Why Employ An Apprentice?

Employing an apprentice will address skills shortages by securing the right skills needed for the future. You will also be moulding talent to your exact business needs.


Hiring an apprentice will help address current and future skill shortages and is a cost-effective method of recruiting new talent. In addition, the Government also offers incentives for recruiting 16-18 apprentices.


Management of the entire recruitment process, providing support with finding, testing, interviewing and recruiting suitable apprentices.

We provide up-to-date Apprenticeship Standards for both Engineering and Business Administration. We work with major employers such as Formica, Royal Mail, Dyer Engineering, Houghton International and Chirton.

We have an extensive range of high-quality candidates, with the opportunity for us to arrange work trials for potential candidates if required.

We understand that for some employers the period of block release at the start can be a barrier to recruiting an Engineering apprentice.


To ensure that we can provide employers with access to candidates who have already completed block release Tyne North Training work closely with Tyne Metropolitan College to support their Advanced Manufacturing Engineering course which provides training equivalent to the block release period to unemployed students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if an apprenticeship is suitable for my business?

Before we would even consider finding an apprentice for your business we would always send out a sector-specific Training Officer to have an in-depth discussion about your requirements and complete a skills scan on the role to assess its suitability for an apprenticeship.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

This depends on their age. The current minimum age rates can be found on:

Do they have to leave the workplace to go to college?

This depends on the type of apprenticeship and the prior qualifications of the apprentice. If you have a particular requirement for candidates who have already completed their block release or an apprenticeship that does not require any college training then speak to us about your requirements and we can identify suitable apprenticeships and candidates to meet your needs.

Employer Comments

Tyne North Training has a programme where they offer the flexibility to meet our demands, the time and enthusiasm to overcome any problems and issues which are inherent with recruiting young people and the expert technical expertise which is required to develop the best engineers

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