Becoming an Apprentice

Apprenticeships are designed for those young people who want to go out into the world of work, but still want to undertake formal training to ensure that they have the skills to progress in their chosen career, of which there are hundreds of different types of apprenticeships available, in just about every sector of employment.


While most providers specialise in specific types and levels of apprenticeships, we here at Tyne North Training specialise in providing Engineering apprenticeships and Business Administration apprenticeships at levels 2 and 3.

Advantages of completing an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are wonderful, particularly for young individuals looking to take their first step into their future career. This is due to the fact that it combines the best of employment and training, allowing the individual to earn and achieve a qualification as if they were attending sixth form or college.


From the day you begin your apprenticeship, you are officially employed, so you will be earning a wage. This is in addition to learning skills and gaining experience that is directly related to the role you are working in, applying them instantaneously within the workplace environment.

What sectors can I apply for?

We deliver apprenticeships in a number of sectors, each specialising in their respective areas and industries. These can be broken down into two sectors: Business Administration and Engineering.


If you are interested in a particular Business Administration or Engineering apprenticeship not listed on our website, please call our business development team to discuss your requirements. We deliver a wide range of different skill specific apprenticeships with the main groupings shown above.

We deliver apprenticeships in a variety of sectors, allowing our apprentices to thrive and succeed in their industry.


Business Administration


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All of our apprenticeship opportunities are advertised on the GOV.UK – Find an apprenticeship website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an apprenticeship?

You can apply directly to Tyne North Training. We will then assess your eligibility for an apprenticeship and will invite you in for testing and interview

Do I need to find an employer first?

No – If you pass Tyne North Training’s selection process then we will match you to suitable employers and pass your details straight on to them for interview

When should I apply?

Business Administration apprenticeships generally start all year round so you can apply at any time.


Engineering apprenticeships predominantly start in the period of July to September. You can apply at any point and your details will be kept on file, but our formal recruitment period runs January to June. It is recommended that you apply by the end of April at the latest to ensure that you are considered for the maximum number of jobs

Tips for testing and interviews

How do i prepare for the Engineering test?

The engineering test comprises three components:


The Maths test

this is to ensure that you have the level of knowledge required to be successful on the technical certificate component of your apprenticeship. It covers GCSE Maths grades D to B or 3 to 6



The English test

this is to assess that you have the basic level of functional English required. As long as you have completed your English GCSE you should be fine with the level of questioning



The General Ability Test (GAT)

this is a mechanical/engineering reasoning test. This mainly involves interpreting a set of diagrams showing simple mechanical and electrical situations. As long as you have completed the Physics component of GCSE Science or a technical qualification such as a BTEC you should be fine with the level of questioning



A set of sample questions for all three tests is available on request

How do I prepare for the Engineering Interview?

We are looking for two different things. Firstly, do you have a genuine interest in engineering and some basic knowledge of the types of engineering disciplines and do you have the personal qualities required to be successful in an engineering/manufacturing workplace.


Engineering knowledge

Take the time to do some basic research on different types of engineering. Our downloadable booklet (link here) is a starting point, but try and do some more detailed research on particular disciplines which interest you. If you can explain at the interview the types of engineering that you are interested in and why then that will put you in a strong position



Personal qualities

Think about the personal qualities that might be required in the engineering workplace. What things have you done both in and outside of school, and/or with a current employer or in a voluntary capacity that might demonstrate these to a prospective employer

How do I prepare for the Business Administration test and interview?

For Business Administration the test is designed to ensure that you have a functional level of English and Mathematics, as long as you have completed your English and Maths GCSEs you should be fine with the level of questioning, but you may need some revision depending on your age.


For the interview, it is helpful if you have an idea of the type of business administration roles that you might be interested in. Have a look at our business administration booklet (link to download pdf) to see the range of possible roles and try researching on the internet any that interest you.


Think about the personal qualities that might be required in the workplace. What things have you done both in and outside of school, and/or with a current employer or in a voluntary capacity that might demonstrate these to a prospective employer

Apprentice Comments

Hear from our current / ex apprentices!

I chose to do an apprenticeship rather than going to University and I have learned so many skills in such a short period of time.

Jay Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice