Tyne North Training is a specialist apprenticeship training provider.

We have a proud history of training apprentices dating back over 50 years.


Thousands of North East employees have taken the first steps in their successful careers with a Tyne North Training apprenticeship. We provide apprenticeships in the Engineering and Business Administration sectors and currently manage around 450 apprentices, working in approximately 150 different employers based in the north east of England, including Newcastle Upon Tyne.

At Tyne North Training, we believe in providing young people with every opportunity to excel in their apprenticeship and future career

Our Support

Tyne North Training prides itself on the level of support we provide to both apprentices and employers. We have a high-quality robust recruitment process that is designed to identify the personality traits and abilities of potential apprentices and match these to the precise requirements of the employer, ensuring a good employer fit.


Once the apprenticeship has started we have a dedicated team of Training Officers who are there to provide support, advice and guidance for both apprentices and employers, ensuring that the apprenticeship runs smoothly. The Training Officers are supported by a management and administration team with many years of experience who can quickly resolve any issues or problems that may arise throughout the apprenticeship.

Our Experience

All of our Training Officers have extensive sector experience, both in apprenticeship delivery and within the Engineering and Business Administration sectors.


All Engineering Training Officers are former time-served apprentices themselves, and all have an in-depth knowledge of the training and qualification requirements of apprenticeships in the north east. Our experience enables us to select the best combination of apprenticeship training to fit the requirements of both the apprentice and employer.

Our Success

The high level of support we provide combined with our experience in matching an apprentice with an employer and delivering the right training results in high levels of success for Tyne North Training apprentices and employers. Tyne North Training’s successful recognised apprenticeship completion rates are consistently well above national averages with over 90% of apprentices continuing to work in the same or similar roles upon completion of their apprenticeship.


Our success is your success. Building upon long standing employer relationships ranging from small family business to some of the largest employers in the sector… Be part of this success, contact Tyne North Training today.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship?


Completing either an engineering apprenticeship or a business administration apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and experience in your chosen area of employment and gain nationally recognised qualifications that can lead to higher education and further career advancement.

Why do apprentices choose Tyne North Training?

We provide high-quality advice and guidance, working with schools and providing open days and practical “taster days” to ensure that prospective apprentices are able to make an informed decision as to whether an apprenticeship is the path they want to take and which apprenticeship is suitable for them.

We provide high levels of support for candidates throughout the recruitment process, ensuring they are matched to appropriate employers and are both well presented and prepared for employer interviews. Our information is constantly being aligned with government guidelines to ensure that both ourselves and our clients are up to date with regulations and other necessary legal frameworks.

We interview candidates to identify their individual traits and their suitability for different roles, only matching them to employers that are a good fit.

We expertly deliver apprenticeships within all engineering disciplines and business administration sectors guaranteeing specialist knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the highest quality apprenticeships.

Supporting Employers and Apprentices


We support employers in finding and recruiting the best quality apprentices as well as providing support to the apprentice and employer throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. We monitor the progress and assess the apprentice’s competence against nationally recognised standards.

Why do employers choose Tyne North Training?

Manage the entire recruitment process from initial identification of apprenticeship requirements, through to matching of candidates, organising the interview and ensuring seamless communication throughout.

We provide high quality advice and guidance to prospective apprentices, working with schools and providing open days and practical “taster days” to ensure that we attract the highest quality candidates for your business.

We work with you to identify the desired characteristics of your apprentice and to find suitable candidates who fit your criteria and business culture.

We provide comprehensive support from a discipline-specific, dedicated Training Officer throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.

Our Apprenticeships


We have been successfully delivering high-quality Engineering apprenticeships in the north east for over 50 years.


Our apprenticeships can vary from a duration of 18 months up to three and a half years and are a fantastic opportunity for any young person wanting a career in Engineering including CNC Machining, Fabrication and Welding, Mechanical/Electrical Maintenance, Computer Aided Design and Engineering Technical Support.


Our reputation is second to none in the engineering manufacturing sector, providing a unique recruitment service designed to incorporate person as well as cultural fit delivered by the best discipline-specific Training Officers the sector has to offer.

Business Administration

At Tyne North Training, we offer a fantastic Business Administration apprenticeship programme.


These apprenticeships vary in duration from 12 and 18 months. Tyne North Training have adopted the Customer Service Practictioner Level 2 and Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship Standards to enable our apprentices to specialise in business functions such as, but not limited to; Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Accounts, Secretarial, Procurement, Office Administration, Sales and Customer Services.