Women in Engineering

Megan Wood – Dyer Engineering

Women are entering the engineering profession at an ever increasing rate. The demand for female engineers has never been higher. Tyne North Training secured Megan Wood a level 3 machining apprenticeship at Dyer Engineering. She is currently in the final year of her apprenticeship. Here we catch up with Megan to find out how she’s finding her apprenticeship so far.


So Megan, what do you do?

My role currently is a CNC machinist at Dyer Engineering.


Why did you choose engineering as a career?

I chose engineering because it is an excellent opportunity and career path, as there is a growing need for more engineers all over the world.


Who or what inspired you to be an engineer?

My dad encouraged me to go forward with engineering and explained the benefits of this job role, I also had the opportunity to choose engineering as a subject at school.


What challenges do women face in engineering? 

Some of the challenges women might face is that there are not many other women in this area, which can make it harder to become comfortable in a male environment, however I feel it is a very welcoming environment.  


What is the most exciting thing about your job?

The most exciting part about my about my job is learning various new things on a daily basis and learning new skills to help me become a better machinist.


Given the challenges we have with the pandemic what does a typical day involve in your apprenticeship? 

A typical day in my apprenticeship includes learning all aspects that I need to know to accomplish my goal. I receive a lot of help with my learning from peers while still following the current rules and situation we are in with the pandemic.


What are your hopes for the future? 

My hopes for the future are that I will be a fully qualified machinist. I will also hope to better my career by being able to work more independently and learn more things in depth about engineering. I also hope to be able to excel in programming


And finally Megan; what would you say to girls in schools who may be considering engineering as a career?

I would totally recommend engineering to any girls that are considering it. I think it is the perfect opportunity for girls!


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