Tyne North Training Former Apprentices – What are they doing now?

Ex Apprentice Daniel James – Elfab

An apprenticeship with Tyne North Training is just the starting point for an exciting career. Here we catch up with former business administration apprentice Daniel James to find out what he’s up to now and how his apprenticeship with Tyne North Training helped prepare him


So Daniel, what are you doing now?

Technical sales advisor for the industrial segment team


What was your favourite time as a business administration apprentice?

Evolving the role from inputting data to all general support and front of house sales. Typically in charge of own customers and a reliable contact for key customers as well as supporting the industrial team and day to day tasks.


What sort of apprentice were you?

Business Admin at ELFAB


What’s the best part of being an apprentice? 

Learning about the company/job while on the job. A lot of inhouse training was valuable and helped me evolve the role into something different, which was what the business required.  


What was the most embarrassing thing you did as an apprentice?

Organized a freight forwarder to send a crate to the right customer but wrong country (India/Thailand).


Why did you choose TNT as your provider? 

Friendly and they offer lots of support if required. The curriculum was set and straight forward….the goal posts never moved.


And finally Daniel, what’s your advice to aspiring apprentices?

Learn while training and let the business mould you into what is required to ensure a career for your future.


Want to follow in Daniel’s footsteps?

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