Business Administration 

Business excellence
Administrators handle the day-to-day tasks in an office and make things run smoothly – 97% of employers say that effective administration is essential to their business, so they do a crucial job. They perform a variety of key functions.


Apprentice role
A Business Administration apprentice’s exact duties would depend on the employer. It’s likely that they’ll be working with a team or member of staff to handle various tasks. The apprentice may be typing up meeting documents, putting financial information together in spreadsheets, sending the daily post, or organising confidential documents. This sort of work requires a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail.
Business career
One of the great things about Business Administration is that apprentices can work almost anywhere. With their transferable skills, the apprentice could be working in a factory or a charity. Administration roles are also an excellent starting point to move onto other things once an apprentice has gained the experience.
Supported progression
While progessing your apprenticeship you will have the full support of one of our dedicated Training Officers who will be experienced in delivering apprenticeships within all areas of business administration. The Training Officer will visit you on a regular basis, in your workplace to progess qualifications and assess competency. They will also ensure any problems or issues are resolved quickly and effectively.
Business guidance
All our Training Officers are experts within their qualification delivery area so can provide the best support and guidance to learners.

Apprenticeship Vacancies

All of our apprenticeship opportunities are advertised on the GOV.UK - Find an apprenticeship website.


Apprenticeship Application
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