Mission Statement

To be acknowledged as providing the most competitive employer offer in the sector, delivered to the highest quality standards by professional, competent people.

What makes Tyne North Training unique?

  • Specialists in the field of engineering manufacturing for over 40 years
  • We exist solely to support local companies and learners
  • Our unique support packages maximise available government funding

Tyne North Training Limited was founded in 1968 by local engineering manufacturing companies as a Group Training Organisation to provide them with specialist support for the recruitment, selection and training of apprentices.

We are a unique company in that we exist to provide employers and learners with a comprehensive training and support package.

A company limited by guarantee with charitable status, our Executive Committee is made up entirely of representatives from over 150 employer member companies to ensure our high level of support continues to be our main objective.

Successful Learning  

Our success rates are one of the best in the sector, with strong Ofsted inspection reports ( Ofsted Reports ) validating the high level of quality and support to both employers and learners in every aspect of service delivery.

Ofsted Reports

Apprenticeships with value

Our continued success is testament to the high level of expertise and support given to employers and learners by experienced, specialized Training Officers who provide a professional service from start to completion.

Chief Executive

Michael Needham

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  2. Company No. 502259
  3. Reg. Charity No. 00992831


Our subcontracting policy and subcontracting information can be found here.

Subcontracting Policy